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Jeff Lowe was born in London and has been a gigging, recording artist and session musician all his working life, working in the past with people such as Trevor Horn (producer of Robbie Williams, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Grace Jones etc. etc.), Dave Bascombe (Tears for Fears producer), Phil Manzanera, from Roxy Music, and Kiki Dee, to name a few.

Jeff is a published writer and has signed deals in the past with PYE Records, Virgin / EMI, Prestige / Sleeping Giant. He has written for bands such as The Cutting Crew (one of the few bands to score a #1 hit in the UK, Europe and the USA simultaneously), Stoney, and his niece Holly Jazz Lowe.

First Album, Hitchcock Café, Released 2010

In September of 2010 Jeff finished Hitchcock Café a project that was 2 years in the making. The album, although only given a minimal release, received rave reviews (please see “Reviews” navigation bar).

Second Album, The Ink Snail’s Tatooed Trail, Released 2015

The Ink Snail’s Tatooed Trail. G.E.M. have been delighting audiences in the Southwest for the past six years. Already having achieved national airplay on BBC Radio 2 with ‘Train to Bantham’, ‘Uniform Exchange’, and ‘Jump the Lights’, the album made an explosive entry onto the current scene.

Third and Current Album, Songs For Hestia, Release Date October 2016

"Do You Know", first single to be released from this album, again demonstrates the impressive production skills that G.E.M.'s records are known for. Excellent production, however, does not necessarily imply well structured song writing. With "Do you Know", as with all of G.E.M.’s singles, you will immediately become aware of the very powerful thought provoking verse and chorus of this song. Known also for their excellent musicianship and soulful vocals (performed by Jeff Lowe and Claire Hoinville) G.E.M. have forged an unforgettable song that is both instant and gets more infectious with every listen.

The inspiration for this song was taken from a new age/self improvement book. The book in question, in supposedly giving advice on how to have a successful relationship, failed to observe that love is a spontaneous living unpredictable indefinable thing. Human beings are very complicated and while advice about how to handle certain situations and people may be valid, the message of Do You Know is don't destroy your relationship by putting it in a category, by trying to squeeze it into a box. The irony of the chorus lyrics will be for some, very obvious:

Do you know how to love do you know how to listen do you know how to share do you know how to give do you know how to live do you know when there's nothing there. Can you voice your opinions can you voice your emotion can you voice your needs can you voice the pain can you voice the strain can you voice your fantasies....


National BBC Radio 2 Plays links below

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Uniform Exchange, click here for national BBC Radio 2 play

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Songs For Hestia

The Ink Snail’s

Tattooed Trail



Do You Know

Single available for download

Do You Know, click here for national BBC Radio 2 play

Songs For Hestia

Third Album 2016

Second Album 2015

First Album 2010

Album available for download