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‘Train to Bantham’

This track is from the album The Ink Snail’s Tattooed Trail, which has already had national air play on BBC Radio 2. Two other tracks from this album have already enjoyed national air play from BBC Radio 2 and several other radio stations up and down the British Isles.

Bantham is a conservation coastal area in Devon local to where the members of G.E.M. live, hence ‘Train to Bantham’ the single. There is no train station in Bantham, as the song may say, but members of the band refer to Bantham as their sanctuary, their own piece of the beautiful undisturbed-for-centuries south coast of Devon. Lyrically this is the essence of the song. You should pay it a visit one day and, just for one day, exchange your cell phone for a sea shell and listen to the sea, instead of….

Jeff Lowe and Nick Eede, guest singer on ‘Frigid as England’

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James Santer of BBC Radio Introducing plugs The Ink Snail’s Tattoed Trail (G.E.M.’s last album). Click image right to listen (Hippos to the right, Train to Bantham to the left).


Train to Bantham

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