Record Label: Heartquake Records

“Hitchcock Cafe” is the new album by London born Jeff Lowe, a recording artist and session musician.  The album is diverse with a mixture of rock and soft acoustic sounds, quite obviously created by an artist who has ‘lived’.  The lyrics are laced with existential themes.

The title track opens in a transport cafe telling us about past loves gone wrong. ‘Public Information’ is a track that examines the Big Brother society and as Lowe says “reality TV is not reality at all” The video to this track is fun to watch but, the message is clear! ‘Goldilocks’ has to be one of my favourite tracks with its unique sound with a twist on the original tale.‘Mosaic by Nature’ demonstrates Lowe’s haunting voice and ‘Wrong Junction’ is reminiscent at times of Francis Dunnery.

Jeff Lowe has worked with Trevor Horn and Dave Bascoombe in the past. He has also written successfully for ‘The Cutting Crew’, ‘Stoney’ and more recently his niece ‘Holly Jazz Lowe’ with the track ‘Blindfolded’.

An album well worth listening to and I look forward to seeing Mr. Lowe live!

Rating: 4/5

Reviewer: Susan Cummins