Snowed Under Bowled Over is the fourth album from G.E.M. (Groove Enlightened Minstrels) and was released in March 2020. Unfortunately lock down due to Corona Virus stopped progress in the form of live gigs and radio interviews that were planned to promote the album. The BBC did play two tracks from the album, however; Jenga and Kaleidoscope which are both available to listen to and buy from this website.
The album title comes from the real life business of being snowed under in the form of being very very busy making the album and being snowed under in the literal sense. Heavy snow fall in the village of Harberton in Devon in March 2018 when the album had just been started meant that Jeff Lowe, founder of G.E.M. was snowed into the village and couldn’t get out for over a week. Being “Bowled Over” both with the snow ball fights Jeff Lowe and the high spirited villagers and members of G.E.M. participated in, and with the excitement of the new album, the title was set in stone. I’ll let the music, as they say, tell the rest of the story.