Hestia, in Ancient Greek mythology, is the Goddess of the Hearth and one the twelve Olympian deities. In the process of moving house these songs were dedicated to Hestia to create good fortune for the move as the Hearth, for Jeff Lowe, is the most important part of the home. The opening track “Do you Know” was played nationally by BBC radio 2 and many other radio stations up and down the country.

Songs for Hestia was made as an interim album after “The Ink Snail’s Tattooed Trail” was finished in 2015. Jeff Lowe, founder of G.E.M. (Groove Enlightened Minstrels), was in the middle of the album when, for various reasons, moving house became a necessity. At that point only eight tracks in his home studio had been recorded. In order to make the album a ten track album, two tracks “Hippos” and “Ice Age” were stolen from the previous album “The Ink Snail’s Tattooed Trail”.