The Ink Snail’s Tattooed Trail is a double album from G.E.M. (AKA Groove Enlightened Minstrels) and was finished and released in 2015. National BBC Radio 2 picked up on two of the tracks: Jump the Lights and Uniform Exchange. This album followed on from Hitchcock Café, G.E.M.’s (Jeff Lowe’s) first album (released 2010) with another eclectic mix of beautifully produced songs featuring guest singers Holly Jazz Lowe (from Holly and the Dahs) and Nick Eede (from Cutting Crew).

Frigid as England, a track featured on Cutting Crew’s Compus Mentus (written by Jeff Lowe) album has been re-recorded on this album adding a new middle section and again with Nick Eede on lead vocals. Nick’s superb expressive lead vocals are also featured on “Deaf Dumb and Blind”. This album also includes “Ice Age” and “Hippos” two songs again written by Jeff Lowe that formed part of Jude Roea’s album “Mystic in the Making”.